Massages in Birmingham

Explore our Este spa menu bursting with proven beauty treatments designed to renew and rejuvenate the skin as well as promote body wellness. Many options are available from traditional Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai massage to classic aromatherapy, stress relief and deep tissue therapies, plus a variety of popular Este facial and body treatments. 

Este spa massages have many benefits, especially when repeated regularly: massage is known to help reduce stress, relieve tension and anxiety, alleviate insomnia and headache, plus improve circulation, and flexibility and promote muscle repair. 

Classic Massages 

Deep relaxation massage that releases muscle tension; excellent for lower back, neck and shoulders. Find out more about this classic treatment. 
Nurturing essential oil massage that relieves tension, anxiety and pain; aromatherapy is a relaxing sensory journey. Discover the holistic treatment benefits.   
 Intense massage that targets deep connective tissue or fascia. Ideal for sporty people, workaholics, and those with chronic pain issues. Learn about this healing treatment.    
 Soothing massage to reduce stress and relax muscles, lower the heart rate and improve sleep. Check out more treatment benefits.   
Targeted massage focused on medical issues as well as other health-related concerns; involves a range of techniques for muscle health and body healing. Look into this therapeutic treatment.
Customised massage to manage and alleviate musculoskeletal tension and pain; will help to boost athletic performance and prevent injury. Find out if this treatment is a good fit for you.
Non-invasive massage to naturally improve skin quality in targeted areas, plus improve lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Learn how this treatment works.  
Targeted therapeutic massage focused on specific areas of the body to benefit overall wellbeing; can address both chronic and acute body issues. Get more details about this treatment.
Deep relaxation massage using the warmth of hot stones to soothe tense muscles and balance the body’s energy. Discover the benefits of hot stones. 
Prenatal and postnatal massage that addresses the unique health issues associated with pregnancy and birthing. See all the treatment benefits and learn more.
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