Make a Celebration More Meaningful with a Shared Spa Experience

Make a Celebration More Meaningful with a Shared Spa Experience

Here’s how to turn a special occasion into a memorable experience with a spa day!

A spa day experience can be an unforgettable, wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion or one of life’s milestones. Sharing important celebrations with family and friends makes them more meaningful.

Shared experiences are beneficial for our mental and emotional health, as they promote tighter bonds, kindness and understanding. They are also linked to better physical and cognitive health.

Spa-Worthy Special Occasions 

These days people are looking for new and unique ways to celebrate life events. You might be surprised to find out that a spa day or a hammam spa experience is a good fit for many special occasions. Here’s a list of celebrations you can enjoy in a spa setting: 


For instance, gather your gal-pals together for a day of beautification before a night out. Maybe share a birthday with your siblings, make time to reconnect. 

Wedding Announcement/Anniversary

A spa day is a beautiful way to announce you are getting married to your mates. Or, maybe keep it more intimate and celebrate with just your partner. 

Engagement Party

If you are the maid of honour, what do you do for the bride who has everything? A hammam traditional luxury spa is a relaxing way to calm pre-wedding jitters! 

New Job/Promotion

No better way to celebrate better times than treating a few friends to a hammam spa experience. You work hard, take time to relax and enjoy your accomplishment.

Retirement Party

This might be the best way to show your kids and partner you are ready to slow down and start pampering yourself.  

Family Reunion

This might seem a little unconventional, but why not have a serene and peaceful day with the family. A Turkish hammam spa day could be the best thing you’ve ever done together. 

It’s good to know there are healthy, holistic options when it comes to celebrating special days. Not everyone wants to get steaming and club crawl till the wee hours. But who says you can’t do both! We’re not here to judge, just give you some ideas on how you can make it more memorable — wink, wink.   

What Types Of Spas Can I Choose From? 

There are several different types of spas to choose from. They can include: hammam or hydrotherapy spas; day spas, as well as cosmetic and medical spas; and resort and destination spas. Keep in mind that larger spa and hammam facilities are more able to accommodate special events that include two or more people. 

When it comes to communal spa gatherings, none is better than a hammam spa experience. In ancient times people would gather at local hammam bath houses to celebrate a variety of occasions. They were considered the place where all important life events and achievements were celebrated.  

Moroccan and Turkish hammam experiences typically allow for more people to gather at once. For instance, two or more people can relax in a hammam steam room, while others are off having a hammam hot scrub or hammam massage. After everyone in the group has finished their Turkish hammam foam wash or Moroccan body wrap, the group can reunite in the hammam relaxation lounge for some herbal tea and quiet reflection time together.   

Turkish and Moroccan hammam treatments are both ideal for a shared experience. You might like to find out more about how they differ in our blog: Moroccan and Turkish Hammams: Same or Different? 

Tips On Planning The Big Day Together

Once you have decided on the type of spa or hammam spa experience to celebrate your special occasion, we advise you get everyone involved on the same page. You want the day to go off without a hitch of course. Here’s our top tips on how to prepare for a spa day together

Make sure to share the necessary tips with your party to maximise everyone’s spa experience! 

  • Check the spa website for special promotions or spa packages for groups
  • Larger bookings may require special arrangements, don’t wait until the last minute to book
  • Book specific treatments in advance so spa staff can accommodate all requests (e.g., add-on massage or facial treatments). You don’t want anyone to be left out
  • Mention in advance any skin or health issues spa staff should be aware of concerning any of your guests
  • Ask in advance what spa change room amenities are provided so you can tell your guests what to bring or leave at home (e.g., shampoo, blow dryer, lotion…) 
  • Plan the route to the spa using Google maps, ask about parking or public transportation tips, and share this information with your party 
  • If you are having a hammam spa day check with staff in advance about what is required to bring. Most hammam day spas will require guests to wear a swimsuit and remain modestly covered in common areas like the steam room* 

*If you or anyone in your party have never been to a traditional hammam spa before, we recommend you share our Este Beginner’s Guide: Your First Turkish Hammam Experience!

Spa day preparation will ensure no surprises on the day, and help you and your party make the most of the occasion.

We also recommend you share our Quick & Easy Guide To Spa Day Etiquette

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This new Birmingham hammam will offer the most memorable hammam treatments, as well as unique Far East massage styles like classic Shiatsu massage, Banya massage, Ayurveda Turkish massage, and aromatherapy massage. See our full list of traditional hammam, massage, and body treatments.   

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