Shiro Abhyanga Indian Head Massage

Life Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain In The Neck!

What is Shiro Abhyanga Indian head massage?

This ancient treatment goes back to a time when Sanskrit was commonly used in India; Shiro Abhyanga means head massage. A Shiro Abhyanga massage treatment focuses on the head, neck and shoulders — areas of the body most affected by stress.

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Shiro Abhyanga head massage benefits

Shiro Abhyanga has many physio-psychological health benefits. This type of massage is very beneficial at reducing pain and stress in the neck, shoulders and head.  

  • Combat fatigue and brain fog
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage and hair growth
  • Relieve neck pain, headaches, migraines
  • Aid in treatment of tinnitus, jaw pain, sinusitis
  • Rejuvenate the senses: sight, smell, sound

What to expect from a Shiro Abhyanga massage treatment

This massage is calming and gentle. Warm herbal oil is used in the treatment to soothe and balance the nervous system. Treatment oils are selected in accordance to scalp type (dry, oily or sensitive).

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