Focus Massage

Listen To Your Body! Focus On What You Need To Fix

What is Focus Massage?

Targeted therapeutic massage that focuses on specific areas of the body to benefit overall psychophysical wellbeing. This type of massage can address both chronic and acute issues like low back pain, frozen shoulder, migraines, repetitive stress, sprains, and muscle disorders.

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Focus Massage benefits

Regardless of the area and issue being treated, a focus massage will have many comprehensive and universal benefits resulting from each session, including boosted immunity, pain relief, increased mobility and balanced hormones plus more.

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Relieve tension in tissue and muscle
  • Promote faster healing and increase blood flow
  • Enhance muscle tone and flexibility
  • Improve wellbeing and overall health

What to expect from a Focus Massage treatment

A massage therapist will use a broad range of massage techniques for muscle health and body healing, as well as provide post-massage self-care recommendations.

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