Thai Fusion Massage

Get A Supple Bendy Body Without A Yoga Class!

What is Thai Fusion massage?

This bendy yoga-style massage is hundreds of years old with a long history of being able to shift energy blockages in the body, as well as bend the posture into a more natural flowing line. It’s a great treatment to improve posture and help unknot a body that sits for hours at a computer or stands behind a counter.   

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Thai Fusion massage benefits 

This massage is known for improving the body’s range of motion through active yoga-like stretches. Regular Thai massage will increase flexibility over time.

  • Better joint mobility
  • Improve flexibility
  • Reduce neck pain and headaches
  • Relieve muscle tension and stress
  • Increase energy

What to expect from a Thai Fusion treatment 

Thai Fusion is a deep and intensive treatment that makes the body flexible. Regular Thai massage will increase flexibility, as this type of massage is more active than passive; a massage therapist will actively pull and push the limbs during a treatment. 

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