What to Bring to a Spa Day: Our Spa Essentials Checklist

What to Bring to a Spa Day: Our Spa Essentials Checklist

Treating yourself to a traditional hammam experience or a day at the spa is one of the best ways to indulge in self-care and personal pampering.

Whether your hammam spa day is a solo mission, or a shared celebration with family and friends (e.g., birthday spa day, bachelorette spa party, family reunion, etc…) there are several things you should remember to bring with you to the spa to make the most of this special day. 

Spa Essentials Checklist 

We’ve got you covered! Here’s our hammam and spa essentials checklist that you can save to your phone or share with spa guests in advance of your spa booking

The best bit of advice we can give you is to ask in advance what you need to bring along with you. Call or email the spa in advance and ask what they recommend you bring. Most quality hammam and spas will provide the basics such as towels, slippers or slides, body soap, blowdryer, and a plastic bag for your wet swimsuit (which will be necessary if you’ve had a hammam treatment).

Luxury spas may provide more in the way of amenities, like robes, shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, feminine hygiene products, face and eye cream samples, as well as styling tools like a hair straightener or curling iron. 

Every spa and hammam differs in regards to what they supply for guests, so it is best to check in advance. We recommend you have your own checklist of spa day essentials, including the following items: 

Bring a swimsuit

This is essential for hammam spa bookings. Regardless of your gender, you will be required to wear a swimsuit and stay covered with a towel or peshtemal in common areas, as well as moving from steam room to treatment room. 

A peshtemal is a traditional hammam towel used to cover the body (wrapped over a swimsuit) while in the steam room and moving around the hammam. The thin fabric peshtemal is made from natural cotton fibres which makes it less likely to get soggy with humidity than a standard bath towel. Most hammam traditional luxury spas will provide you with a peshtemal, as creating an authentic hammam experience is desirable.          

Swimwear is most ideal for the hammam steam and water environment. In a pinch you can stay in your underwear (check with the hammam in advance!), but you will have to remember to bring spare underwear or undergarments with you, as during hammam you will get sweaty, soapy, and wet as part of the whole hammam spa treatment experience. Our recommendation is to bring either a maillot, bikini, speedo or swim trunks; cotton underwear and lingerie is not recommended for hammam.  

With that in mind, you might want to bring along a carrier bag or ziploc bag to transport your wet items home. Most hammams will provide you with a plastic bag, but just to be on the safe side tuck one in your purse or jacket pocket.   

Is it your first time at a hammam spa? Find out what to expect in our Beginner’s Guide: Your First Turkish Hammam Experience! 

Bring a tote bag

Having a small tote bag is practical, especially if you are having a few spa treatments and moving about a spa facility. You might be at the spa for several hours, so having a tote saves you time going back to the locker room to get things.

A tote is a good idea for your water bottle, valuables you are nervous about leaving alone (that said, one should always leave valuables at home), maybe you have your phone with you (another flag: it is not recommended to bring your phone into a hammam spa treatment area because of all the water and humidity), lip balm, headphones, a neck pillow — just remember, try to stick to the things you absolutely need. You are at the spa to relax and unwind! 

Feminine hygiene products

Check your period tracker app before you come to hammam. There is nothing wrong with having a hammam treatment or spa day while on your period, you should just be prepared and have all the essential items you like to have with you. For hammam spa treatments tampons and menstrual cups are ideal, as a traditional pad or panty liner might get wet and soggy during treatment.

Hammam hot scrub (i.e., full body exfoliation) and hammam massage are actually very beneficial for easing the pain and tension associated with menstrual cramps. Don’t let a period stop you from having a spa day!       

Shower shoes

As mentioned, most hammams and spas will provide slippers or slides.

That said, we understand for some people they will want to use their own shower shoes because that is a personal preference; maybe because of a previous spa experience, or needing to wear specifically designed footwear for medical reasons (e.g., plantar fasciitis), or maybe it’s a fashion thing!

If you must bring your own shower shoes to the spa it will probably be okay, just make sure they are clean and haven’t been worn outside.   

Wear comfortable clothing

Spas encourage people to be as comfortable as possible. Ideally, non-restrictive garments like yoga clothing, sportswear, and loungewear will help you to stay cosy and comfy. That said, you should always look presentable, and loungewear is not considered just out-of-bed pyjamas.  

Don’t forget your manners

Come to the spa with a smile, you are about to have a wonderful experience! During a hammam treatment or while in common areas you will be expected to respect the rules of the spa. In a communal hammam spa environment a big no-no is talking loudly on your phone and taking photos in shared spaces.  

If you have never been to a hammam before, or have a guest joining you who is a first timer, then read this guide on ‍Hammam Manners: Do and Don’t Guide. Understanding and observing the etiquette around hammam bathing will make the occasion much more satisfying and relaxing for everyone.

Hopefully this spa checklist and our hammam spa tips have fully prepared you to book a Moroccan or Turkish hammam experience. Just remember, spa etiquette is there to make sure you and other guests (plus hammam/spa staff) feel safe, secure and respected. 

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