What Types Of Spas Can I Choose From?

What Types Of Spas Can I Choose From?

Lucky for you, there are different types of fabulous spas to choose from. They can include: hammam or hydrotherapy spas; day spas, as well as cosmetic and medical spas; and resort and destination spas.

Different types exist because there are myriad reasons why people seek out spas — for wellbeing, alone time, stress relief, anti-ageing, detoxing, fitness, relaxation, healing, skincare, grooming, and enhancing beauty. Let’s also explore what spa treatments you absolutely should experience!  

Which Type Of Spa Is For Me?

Often the type of spa you need will depend on your goals and personal preferences. For example, your purpose (i.e., grooming, relaxation, detoxing, beautification…) may determine the type of spa experience you book. And your spa requirements may be related to personal preferences like: location, exclusivity, privacy, adult-only, and/or the presence of trained professionals like a cosmetic surgeon or sports trainer.

Whether you are a spa novice to spa devotee, everyone has a personal checklist of goals and preferences they want to satisfy — whether that’s at a day spa specialising in Far East massage styles like Este Spa & Hammam, or a resort spa experience that compliments a honeymoon or wedding anniversary.     

Plan A Personalised Spa Experience 

To help you discover which style of spa might best suit you, we’ll cover some different types of spas so you’re better informed. Plus, touch on types of massages offered in spas (e.g., Turkish hammam massage, deep tissue massage…). We hope that you are curious to try every type of spa and create the ultimate spa bucket list.

Whatever you decide to do, all of these types of spas have awesome benefits, including you feeling better about yourself. Spa experiences can also be wonderful to share with family, friends, or a special somebody. 

Why Each Of These Spas Concepts Are Special

Hydrotherapy Spa

Turkish hammam and mineral springs spas would fall into this category because they both rely heavily on water (e.g., pools, steam rooms) and heat for therapeutic whole-body treatments that cleanse, detox, purify, repair and heal. For instance, during a hammam spa Turkish bath you start out in the stream room to detox and soften your skin, this is followed by a deep exfoliating body scrub to purify and renew your skin. Heat, steam and water are essential to unlocking the health and beauty benefits of a traditional Turkish hammam spa treatment

You could say that a hammam spa massage treatment is essentially like physiotherapy, but the setting of your hammam massage will be decidedly more luxurious (than a hospital), as traditional hammam spas are typically designed with an abundance of marble and gold. Water immersion therapy, or hydrotherapy, is known to improve a range of health issues including high blood pressure, poor circulation, low immunity, sore joints, aching muscles, and it can even help to alleviate fatigue, depression, and anxiety.    

Here’s our Este checklist of common health concerns that can be improved and/or eliminated with regular hammam spa treatments. Hydrotherapy spa treatments are a natural, holistic way to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.  

Day Spa

Day spas are ideal for people looking for a break (e.g., a mental health day, personal day, self-care break…), as well as body and skincare maintenance. Day spas come in all shapes and sizes, and can include medspas (i.e., medical spas) and cosmetic procedure day spas. The great thing about most day spas services is they involve no downtime. You can have a facial, or some lip filler, and go right back to your normal schedule. Day spas also tend to be more reasonable in price when compared to luxury resort spas for example. Most day spas list their prices online, so that is always a good place to start, as well we advise you to follow Instagram spa accounts for spa day promo codes.  

Este Medical Group’s new hammam West Midlands location, Este Spa & Hammam in Birmingham, is the perfect example of a luxury day spa that has both cosmetic and therapeutic services like: hammam foam massage, Ayurvedic Turkish massage, aromatherapy, anti-cellulite and deep tissue massage, Moroccan hammam rhassoul clay body treatment; plus Este’s most popular facial and skincare procedures. 

Destination and Resort Spas

What distinguishes these types of spas from the others is how much more time is involved and the expense. Destination spas may require a time commitment; you might need to stay onsite and follow a doctor-prescribed health program for a minimum number of days (e.g., three day wellness retreat). You may be paying for several days of health treatments, exercise classes and lectures, and specialty meals for instance. Resort spas tend to be less regimented, and focus more on guests having the ultimate luxury experience to enhance their wellbeing. A resort spa experience could include private yoga classes taught by a celebrity trainer, or a couples massage in a private beach bungalow. Resort hotel experiences are imbued with exclusivity and affluence, so budget for this type of spa experience accordingly. 

You don’t have to fly all the way to St. Barts for a spa destination experience, there are many exceptional spa facilities closer to home in the UK for sure. Sometimes the destination of a spa has more to do with its unique, one-of-a-kind services. For example, our new Este Spa & Hammam is set to become an iconic destination in the UK for day spa services, and the jewel in the crown for Este Medical Group.  

What To Include On Your 2023 Spa Treatment Bucket List! 

Start making your 2023 self-care plans. Here are several popular spa treatments to put on your manifesting health & beauty vision board! 

  • Turkish Hammam Foam Massage 
  • Moroccan Hammam Mud Body Mask
  • HIFU Body Contouring
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Traditional Hammam Hot Scrub 
  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage
  • Mesotherapy Facial 
  • Non-Surgical Facelift 

If your intention is to increase your number of spa days in the New Year, then you are on the right path just by including some of these spa goals in your thoughts!  

About Este Day Spa and Hammam Spa Experiences! 

The new Este Spa & Hammam in Birmingham is expected to become the go-to destination for hammam spa and day spa devotees and spa newbies in the UK. Our Este Birmingham day spa will have something for everyone, from Classic to Far East body massages and facials to hammam spa treatments. Our guests can expect the highest quality service; Este Medical Group is renowned for skincare expertise, award-winning clinics and management, as well as a 5-star Trustpilot rating. 

We will have more to share about our extraordinary West Midlands day spa and hammam spa UK soon.

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