Largest, Most Luxurious Hammam Spa To Open In UK!

Largest, Most Luxurious Hammam Spa To Open In UK!

Massive Anticipation For New Este Spa & Hammam Coming Soon To Birmingham  

The opening of the new Este Spa & Hammam is one of the most highly anticipated events in the world of health and beauty. Spa devotees worldwide will soon have the opportunity to experience the best and biggest hammam spa in the UK.  

Este Spa & Hammam is set to become an iconic destination in Birmingham and the jewel in the crown for Este Medical Group. Visionary CEO and Founder of Este, Sam Cinkir, has long dreamed of bringing the extraordinary beauty and magic of hammam to the country — and it’s happening this year!

Este Spa & Hammam will be a treasure trove of the most ultimate spa and hammam experiences. Also highly anticipated is the spa’s prestigious location on Hagley Road at the former Eaton Hotel site in the historically rich neighbourhood of Edgbaston.

Welcome to Birmingham!

The Hagley Road facility will be a welcome addition to the family of cosmetic clinics and day spas Este Medical Group has in London, Leeds, Manchester and Sutton Cold field, including the current Birmingham clinic on Portland Road. Expected to be one of the largest spas in the country, the new Este beauty and wellness complex will feature 30 clinic rooms and 30 spa rooms as well as hammam steam room facilities.

With over two decades of beauty and spa industry experience — seven UK sites plus locations in Istanbul, Milan and Bangladesh —Este Medical Group is thrilled to bring the hammam spa experience to Birmingham.

Este Spa & Hammam: Beautiful Dreamworld Come To Life  

The new spa and hammam facility is a dream come alive for Este CEO and Founder, Sam Cinkir.

“Hammam is more than a trend, it’s a commitment to eternal wellness and self-care in an age when people need it more than ever. Bringing the beauty and ritual of hammam to the world is a dream I’ve had for a long time,” says Sam Cinkir. “I know once people experience hammam they will understand why it has endured for hundreds of years.”

Sam’s long time love of hammam traditions and a lifetime of experiencing the benefits of Turkish bath in his home country make him the ideal person to open a hammam spa in the UK.

Do you also dream of a hammam experience!

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Hammam Gives You Life!  

Spa and beauty experts have seen the popularity of Moroccan and Turkish hammam bathing rituals soar from year to year. And their popularity is no passing fad.

Hammam is deeply rooted in a health-conscious history, as bathing for physical wellness and beauty has been relevant since Roman times. Many body cleansing rituals practiced in modern hammam spas are direct descendants of those used in the 7th century. Ancient hammam rituals are basically the forerunners of modern hammam treatments. The essential experience remains the same: to enjoy a head to toe body wash, scrub and massage that renews the skin and stimulates the senses while easing the mind and soul. Hammam treatments have endured for hundreds of years because they give you life!

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Good Times Ahead!  

The timing is perfect for a brand new spa and hammam to open in the UK. Planning a spa day is just the thing to feel alive again after months and months of lockdown isolation. Booking a Moroccan or Turkish bath treatment is a brilliant way to escape the doldrums and transport yourself into a real life sanctuary of body bliss and mental tranquillity.

Here are two reasons why you need to plan your Birmingham hammam spa day now!

Rescue Remedy  

Be proactive about your physical and mental health! Having a hammam treatment, whether it be Moroccan or Turkish, is an excellent way to jump-start a body that has been at rest too long. If you want to improve a particular concern (e.g., dull dry skin, tense muscles, bad circulation, anxiety…) then take action — traditional hammam skin scrubbing, deep cleansing and massage work together to address many physical and mental issues that are totally fixable!

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Escape and Rejuvenate

There’s a lot of gloom and doom in the world, so go ahead, make time for escape! Treat yourself to the extraordinary experience of hammam bathing — your body and mind will thank you for it. Hammam offers a spa experience like no other; it’s a sensory experience, a nirvana, a journey of rejuvenation. Just take a moment to imagine the grand interior of a classic hammam: the opulent marble, elegant ceramic tiles, soft lights, the gentle sound of flowing water; imagine resting under a blanket of soft foamy bubbles….oh what an escape!

Este has taken golden hammam traditions and given them a distinctly modern expression. This is your opportunity to discover the wonderful world of hammam. We hope you will come to appreciate its ancient origins in a thoroughly modern setting using the latest technology and most advanced skincare products.

Birmingham’s Latest Attraction — Este Spa & Hammam!

The new Este Spa & Hammam is expected to become the go-to destination for hammam spa devotees and newbies in the UK and around the world.

Spa and beauty clinic devotees can expect the highest quality service; Este Medical Group is renowned for skincare expertise, award-winning clinics and management, as well as a 5-star Trustpilot rating.

For the complete Este Spa & Hammam directory of Moroccan and Turkish hammam treatments, Far East and Classic massage services, plus Facials and Body Care see our spa menu.  

More hammam spa updates will be shared shortly.

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