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10 Exceptional Hammam Health Benefits

Reasons To Treat Yourself To A Hammam Spa Day!

The hammam spa experience is rich in health benefits that have stood the test of time. For hundreds of years people have understood the positive effects of steam and heat on the body to expel toxins, the necessity of frequent deep cleansing to keep the skin blemish free and the importance of hydration.

Let’s cover the top ten reasons why hammam bathing is exceptionally therapeutic for both body and mind.

10 Body & Mind Benefits of Hammam Spa  

The majority of these benefits are immediate, and several of them will be more pronounced with recurring hammam treatments.  

  1. Skin Glow – scrubbing + massage removes dry surface skin making it softer and smoother.
  1. Body/Mind Detox – hammam rituals reduce stress, ease anxiety, release toxins.    
  1. Maximum Hydration – no other treatment better rehydrates the body. Topical body masks and oils nourish thirsty skin.  
  1. Immune Boost – all elements of hammam increase blood circulation and help to stimulate the immune system for better overall health.  
  1. Breath Easy – the steam and heat of hammam benefits the respiratory system, easing cold and allergy symptoms.  
  1. Pain Relief – heat and massage soothe sore muscles and headache tension; relaxing the body relaxes the mind.
  1. Clear Skin – deep cleansing helps to eliminate acne and prevent breakouts. Steam and heat is the best way to unclog pores along with hammam antiseptic body masks.  
  1. Sleep Better – hammam relaxes body and mind; tension is soothed away for a better night's sleep.  
  1. Look Younger – massage tones the skin, improves elasticity; hydration plumps the skin making it more youthful.  
  1. Feel Beautiful – hammam rejuvenates from head to toe. It reboots the mind, rebalances the body, making you feel absolutely brilliant!  

How Often Do I Need To Do Hammam?

That depends on your health and beauty needs. If you are preparing for an important date night and want your skin extra soft and supple then a day spa visit is perfect. If you want to maintain optimal sleeping habits or address a persistent acne issue then once a week is in order. If you need stress relief or want to boost your immune system periodically then once a month is a worthwhile personal health plan. It is all up to you!

Once you’ve had a hammam spa experience it will assuredly become one of your favourite rituals of self-care and body maintenance.

Hammam Spa Fundamentals  

Hammam involves some key elements that contribute to body and mind benefits. Depending on whether you select Moroccan or Turkish hammam, you can expect the following practices to be included in a spa treatment. Plus the related benefits!

Benefits: Exfoliating Scrub

After relaxing in a steam room or hot area, most hammam treatments begin with a full body exfoliation using a scrubbing mitt. The therapeutic body benefits of a hammam scrub are as follows:  

  • Slough off dry skin  
  • Deep clean blocked pores    
  • Prepare the skin for hydration
  • Stimulate circulation  
  • Smooth the skin’s surface
  • Combat acne

Benefits: Bubbly Foam Body Wash

A light soapy body wash is common for Turkish hammam. After the scrub, the skin’s surface is primed for a refreshing and rejuvenation wash. The benefits include:  

  • Clean pores
  • Acne management
  • Oxygenate the skin  
  • Sensory stimulation  
  • Body conditioning  
  • Maximum hydration

Benefits: Topical Body Mask

More often experienced in Moroccan hammam are topical body masks and special soaps that soothe or stimulate, depending on spa guest preferences. Some soaps are very traditional like Moroccan black soap and rhassoul clay, and masks can include ingredients like coffee, seaweed, honey and chocolate. Some are astringent, some are moisturising, and some just smell good! The choice is up to you!    

  • Sensory stimulation
  • Clean/refined pores
  • Acne management
  • Skin toning/firming  
  • Detoxing

Benefits:  Body Massage

A hammam spa treatment usually ends with a full body massage involving oils and perhaps aroma therapy. The body has been scrubbed and washed and it’s now time to relax and let go.  

  • Oxygenate the skin
  • Moisturise the skin
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Reduce stress/tension
  • Improve muscle tone/flexibility
  • Amp up the immune system
  • Pain relief    
  • Improve sleep  
  • Feel fantastic from tip to toe!  

Are you curious about the differences and similarities of Moroccan and Turkish hammam? We got that covered for you here.

How ‘Intense’ Is The Hammam Experience?  

Now that you know how beneficial the hammam spa experience is we can cover spa guest preferences. Here’s some practical guidance and recommendations.  

Hammam spa benefits are not dependent on intensity or extremes. The best way to maximise your hammam experience is to relax and do what feels comfortable.  

Steam Room Temperature: The average Turkish steam room temperature is approximately 45 degrees Celsius, and the regular amount of time spent in a hot treatment room is about 10-20 minutes. Most spas will indicate how long a guest should spend in a hot treatment room. With this in mind, it is recommended to use your common sense based on past experiences — if you are someone who loves steam rooms then stay as long as you are comfortable, if you are sensitive to heat then give yourself a time limit that suits your heat tolerance threshold. Nobody is going to be upset if you don’t steam for the recommended time. Always do what is comfortable.  

Massage Comfort Levels: It is important to share with the spa attendant your preferences when it comes to the intensity and speed you like for massage. There is nothing wrong with specifying how intense you want your massage, as some people like a massage to be strong and vigorous, and others like a massage to be soft and gentle. Speed is also a factor when it comes to the intensity of a massage. Be sure to say if you like a slow or fast massage style. Again, your comfort is paramount and a professional spa attendant will be guided by your preferences.    

Hammam Spa Nudity: Exposing your body around people you don’t know can be an intense experience. Rest assured, you do not have to be completely naked during a hammam spa treatment. Learn more about appropriate hammam attire from our Hammam Beginner’s Guide here.    

Just remember, things need not be extreme to be beneficial. It’s really all down to what you are comfortable with — do what feels right for you!

Customise Your Hammam Treatment

Depending on your beauty and health needs you have the option to customise your hammam spa experience. For instance, along with a Turkish hammam treatment you might add-on a facial because wearing a face mask for months and months has resulted in clogged pores and an uneven complexion. Here’s another example of how to customise your hammam treatment. A weekend warrior amends a Moroccan hammam package to include a targeted sports massage. If you are not sure of how to best customise a hammam spa package a dedicated Este professional can advise you.

New Hammam Spa To Open In Birmingham!

Este Medical Group, trusted and respected worldwide for expertise in skincare, to open the biggest spa and hammam at the former Eaton Hotel site in Edgbaston. The new Birmingham Este Spa & Hammam will feature 30 clinic rooms and 30 spa rooms as well as steam room facilities.  

For the complete Este Spa & Hammam directory of Moroccan and Turkish hammam treatments, Far East and Classic massage services, plus Facials and Body Care see our spa menu.

More Hammam spa updates coming soon!

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