Why Spa Days Are Not Just For Women

Why Spa Days Are Not Just For Women

Having a spa day and treating yourself to a hammam spa experience is a luxury anyone can enjoy; yet there seems to be a misconception that going to a spa is a ladies-only activity, and that’s simply not true. 

It’s funny how we are quick to assume that anything related to beauty and pampering is exclusive to women. Men and women have been enjoying spas since the days of the Roman Empire. For example, the Turks adopted bathing culture from the Romans and it evolved into the hammam spa culture we now identify with when we think of unique, one-of-a-kind spa experiences. Luckily, we don’t need to time-travel back to the 7th century to enjoy an authentic hammam spa day!    

Spas with unisex communal elements like bathing pools, saunas, and steam rooms (like Turkish hammam) are also ideal for special occasions to bond and have a deeper emotional connection with a loved one. Read on to see the many occasions that both men and women can enjoy at a hammam spa to celebrate life’s memorable moments. 

Men Like Being Pampered Too! 

Men enjoy being pampered as much as women do! The great thing about the spa experience, especially a hammam spa day, is the hammam environment facilitates relaxation and self-reflection in the steam room, it promotes skin health with full body exfoliation or body mask treatments, and who can resist a full body massage after unwinding in a steam bath and being scrubbed from head to toe — this describes the most perfectly relaxing and pampering spa day experience!  

How Spa Days Can Benefit All Genders!  

A spa day offers a multitude of beauty, grooming, and health benefits. There are a variety of spa treatments available these days that focus on everything from detoxing, skin smoothing and deep cleansing to easing muscle aches and pains, and stress reduction. Many people seek out spa treatments to improve physical health, for instance a full body massage can help with sore muscles, a sauna experience can improve heart health, and exfoliating treatments help improve blood circulation and skin health. Spa treatments are also excellent at addressing cognitive and psychological health issues like stress, depression, brain fog, and anxiety. Overall, having regular spa days will flex your immune system and stimulate the release of your body’s happy feel-good chemicals (i.e., serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins).      

Moroccan and Turkish hammam treatments are a natural, holistic way to hack your body into releasing mood enhancing happy hormones to alleviate stress and anxiety. Find out how a hammam spa day can boost your mood here!   

Ladies And Gentlemen, Let A Hammam Spa Day Rejuvenate You! 

When it comes to having the most effective and beneficial spa day experience for overall physical and mental wellbeing, none is better than a Turkish hammam spa day treatment. Traditional Turkish hammam benefits are off the charts!  

Moroccan And Turkish Hammam Spa Day Benefits

Hammam Body Benefits 

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Soothe muscle tension
  • Eliminate body aches and pain
  • Rejuvenate from fatigue and illness
  • Improve sleep

A Beautiful Mind 

  • Diminish stress
  • Alleviate anxiety
  • Eliminate brain fog
  • Ease episodes of depression
  • Meditative
  • Reduce worrying thoughts 

For Skin You Want To Touch 

  • Softer, more supple skin 
  • Exfoliate away dry skin
  • Brighten a dull complexion
  • Clear up acne
  • Manage oily skin
  • Improve bumpy skin texture

Benefits Of Therapeutic Touch 

  • Flex the immune system
  • Release feel-good endorphins to reduce pain
  • Decrease bad stress hormone cortisol
  • Reduce episodes of depression or irritability
  • Lessen stress and anxiety
  • Improve mood; relaxation

If you want to learn more about the benefits of healing, therapeutic touch, then check out this blog: Hammam Spa Treatments Affirm Importance of Human Touch.

These health and beauty benefits are for all genders. For sure, a spa day for women is a thing, but there is also such a thing as a spa day for men, because whatever gender you identify with, grooming, optimal health, and feeling good are things we all value and desire. 

Are you looking for the ultimate spa experience? Find out how you can live your best life with a hammam traditional luxury spa

Hammam Spa Day Special Occasions! Reasons to Celebrate

Beyond the hammam spa experience being an excellent choice for overall physical and mental health, a traditional hammam spa day experience offers women and men the chance to bond and more deeply connect with family and friends. A hammam spa service could be a birthday gift for mom, or a chance to mellow out with dad in the steam room. A hammam spa massage for couples is a romantic way to forge a deeper emotional connection. 

Here’s more good reasons to have a hammam West Midlands spa day at the new Este Spa & Hammam in Birmingham

A hammam spa day is a wonderful way to relax with a loved one or best mate. Check out these luxury hammam spa day special occasions to inspire you to create new memories, adding to the shared experiences you will cherish forever! 

  • Best Friend Spa Day 
  • Bro Bonding Spa Day
  • Spa Day Anniversary 
  • Sister Spa Day 
  • Mother Daughter Spa Day 
  • Father Son Spa Day
  • Birthday Spa Day
  • Wedding Gift Spa Day 

Hey, we haven’t forgotten about pregnant people! Spa days can also celebrate a mother with child — and for that occasion we have an exclusive blog: Spa Day For Pregnant Women

There are so many great reasons to celebrate yourself or someone you know with a rejuvenating hammam spa experience — from birthdays to anniversaries, graduations to job promotions, spas do provide many attractive options to celebrate and connect with people who you care about. 

About the new Este Spa Birmingham UK 

The opportunity to have a hammam spa Birmingham experience is coming soon! 

Este Medical Group is thrilled to be opening a hammam in Birmingham. The new Este Spa & Hammam will be a welcome addition to the family of cosmetic clinics and day spas Este has in London, Manchester, Leeds, and Sutton Coldfield, including the current Este Birmingham clinic on Portland Road. It is expected to be one of the largest spas in the country.

Este Spa & Hammam offers an inclusive, adults-only spa experience for all genders. To assist with you having the most awesome hammam spa day, we have created a spa etiquette guide: Turkish Hammam Etiquette: What You Need To Know. We hope our hammam spa recommendations and tips will be helpful. Spa etiquette is there to make sure you and other guests (plus hammam staff) feel safe, secure and respected.

If you are seeking an exceptional luxury hammam spa UK experience, then think of Este when making your plans to treat yourself or celebrate a special occasion. Whether it’s for a women’s spa day, or a men’s spa day, we are excited to provide you with a hammam spa experience you will cherish. 

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