Hammam Experience Turns Up The Heat For Couples!

Hammam Experience Turns Up The Heat For Couples!

Partners Increase Intimacy with Turkish Hammam Spa Day  

The best romantic spa treatment for couples is a Turkish hammam experience. Sharing a hammam bath together increases intimacy and helps couples to relax and focus on each other. A Turkish hammam treatment is the ultimate sensory journey; it ignites the senses in a pleasurable and stimulating way.

Fall In Love With Hammam

Turkish hammam, from start to finish, revives the senses and stimulates the brain to release the body’s feel-good chemicals: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins.

Hot & Steamy! Couples looking for a hot and steamy encounter will be satisfied with how a hammam treatment begins in an enchantingly designed steam room. Turkish hammam starts with a relaxing steam bath to calm the mind and relax the muscles. In this room couples can be at ease to focus on the moment with no distractions. This provides an opportunity for personal reflection and meditation which helps to release serotonin. When serotonin surges your mood is enhanced and you feel a strong feeling of satisfaction — the perfect way to start off a romantic hammam spa experience!  

Feel Love! After you and your partner are fully relaxed from the steam room it’s time for the Turkish scrub and body wash. The hammam spa attendant will provide both of you with a full body treatment that will signal your brain to release oxytocin and endorphins. When the body releases oxytocin feelings of love and attachment increase, alongside a feeling of euphoria that comes from happy endorphins flooding your brain.

Fall in love with Turkish bath rituals — a hammam spa treatment releases happy chemicals in your brain. Find out how here!

In The Mood For Love

Sharing a Turkish hammam treatment with a loved one promotes intimacy and strengthens bonds.

One of the hallmarks of the traditional Turkish hammam is it being a communal experience, essentially a tranquil place where people can come together to relax. And when those two people are in love with each other it’s an even more special experience. If you have been recently isolated from an intimate partner, then Turkish hammam rituals are ideal for sensory rejuvenation and reconnecting after months and months apart. Even for partners who live together, hammam can spark emotions and reboot intimacy.

How To Boost Intimacy In A Relationship

Intimacy is more than just passion between people, it’s the knowledge that another person fully understands and accepts you, and loves you for who you are.  

The two best ways to boost intimacy are: spending quality time as a couple and sharing stimulating experiences together.

Other ways to increase feelings of love and attachment in a relationship are: to go on a date; reminisce about the fun times you’ve shared together; show appreciation; and touch one another more.  

Book Your Bae A Hammam Spa Day

The excellent thing about sharing a Turkish hammam experience as a couple is you will unlock all the intimacy boosting hacks we covered above.

Hammam is all about quality time — it’s the essential essence of hammam bathing rituals. For instance, relaxing and emotionally unwinding in the steam room together provides a quality-time moment like no other; it’s personal, intimate and unique. Everything slows down in the heat, allowing you and bae to focus on each other in quiet reflection.

Trying out a hammam together can easily be a ‘date’ and if neither of you have had a hammam bath before you will create a special new memory together.

Tempt your partner to try something new with our Hammam Beginner’s Guide!

Your sense of touch will be agreeably refreshed during a Turkish hammam experience, as the treatment includes head to toe body exfoliation with a scrubbing mitt, followed by a delightful foam bubble wash that gets your whole body tingling with pleasure. After a hammam treatment the skin is extra smooth and soft, making it highly desirable to touch — you and your ‘date’ will have a hard time keeping your hands to yourself after!

One way you can show appreciation to a new or long-term love is to treat them to a spa day. Even better, book a day for the both of you to do something new together.

Get ready to share a pleasing experience that also has many health benefits.

Sharing a bath ritual together is a wonderfully sensual way to connect and bond.

Exposing More Than Your Emotions

One important thing to know about the hammam experience is there is some nudity, about as much as you’d see at a public pool. In the stream room guests are expected to stay wrapped in a spa towel and during treatments swimwear or undergarments are typically worn.  

Obviously treatments do require that skin is exposed for exfoliation, washing and massaging, but it’s perfectly acceptable to ask a spa attendant to go around certain areas (for example, perhaps you prefer your stomach area is not scrubbed, or maybe you don’t like your feet touched). Hammam spa attendants have a lot of experience dealing with people’s comfort levels and will understand if a spa guest requires more modesty and/or part of the treatment modified for maximum comfort.

All hammams will have a spa etiquette guide for guests to follow, which helps keep the spa environment comfortable for both guests and bath attendants.

Indeed, having a hammam with your partner (who is only wearing a bathing suit…) may lead to some excitement later, but during the hammam treatment take advantage of the moment to focus on each other in a meditative way, and let the power of touch unlock all those feel-good hormones that will bond you closer together as a couple.    

To make the most of your intimacy boosting experience we’ve created a hammam spa etiquette guide that covers hammam spa customs and common sense tips.

Hagley Road Este Spa & Hammam To Open In Birmingham

Soon you will get to experience the intimacy of Moroccan and Turkish hammam in a beautiful new building using the most innovative technology and advanced skincare products available from Este Medical Group.

Located on Hagley Road, the new Este Spa & Hammam will be based in the prestigious neighbourhood of Edgbaston. Designed and managed by Este Medical Group, world renowned for first-class expertise in skincare and hair, the new spa and hammam will be one of the biggest spas in the country.

For the complete Este Spa & Hammam directory of Moroccan and Turkish hammam treatments, Far East and Classic massage services, plus Facials and Body Care see our spa service menu.

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