How to Prepare for a Spa Day

How to Prepare for a Spa Day

Having booked your spa day, here are several top tips to maximise your spa experience!

Making the most of your spa day will help ensure maximum relaxation and pleasure. Preparing for a spa day will help guarantee you make the most of all the benefits your spa of choice has to offer.   

Let’s go over some spa essentials to help you prepare for a wonderful day! They will include what to do before your spa day and on the day. Also of importance is a review of basic spa etiquette to ensure you feel secure and comfortable while having your treatments. And of course, let’s go over the fundamental benefits of treating yourself to a spa day! 

How To Prepare for a Spa Day 

Spa day preparation will ensure no surprises on the day, and help you make the most of your time while at the spa. Let’s go over common spa day preparation considerations with our Este Spa & Hammam checklist!  

10 Booking a Spa Day Tips! 

  1. Check online Google reviews before you book
  2. Check the spa website for special promotions or spa packages
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute to book
  4. Book specific treatments in advance so spa staff can accommodate your request (e.g., add-on massage or facial treatments) 
  5. When booking ask how long your treatment(s) will take so you block off enough time in your day to enjoy all the spa facilities
  6. Now is the time to mention any skincare issues or health concerns that spa staff should be aware of 
  7. Find out what the cancellation policy is before you book 
  8. If you are having a hammam spa day check with staff in advance about what is required to bring. Most hammam day spas will require you wear a swimsuit and remain modestly covered in common areas like the steam room* 
  9. Ask in advance what spa change room amenities are provided so you know what to bring with you or leave at home (e.g., shampoo, blow dryer, lotion…) 
  10. Plan your route to the spa using Google maps, ask about parking or public transportation tips 

*If your first spa day experience is at a traditional Turkish hammam spa we recommend you take a look at our Este Beginner’s Guide: Your First Turkish Hammam Experience!

Heading To The Spa! 

Finally, the day has arrived for your ultimate spa day experience! Here’s a few items to consider on the day. 

  1. Confirm your booking and treatment(s) before you depart
  2. Eat light before your spa treatment(s) so you don’t feel bloated or heavy
  3. Drink water before your treatment, especially if you are having a hammam spa Turkish bath and steam room treatment  
  4. Pack a small spa day tote with items you may need (for example, if you are having a hammam hot scrub or hammam foam massage you should bring along swimming trunks or a swimsuit). If you prefer to use your own shower shoes, body lotion or shampoo, then bring those personal items with you 
  5. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time 
  6. Avoid wearing perfume or cologne to the spa, most spa environments are fragrance-free
  7. Avoid wearing jewellery (or bringing valuables to a spa), you most likely will need to remove your watch and necklaces/earrings before your treatment(s)
  8. Dress comfortably and wear your most cosy outfit  

Spa Day Tips & Recommendations

Welcome to the spa! Here’s our advice on what to do on the day to prepare you for the ultimate spa day! 

  • Remind spa staff of any special considerations you may have related to your skincare (e.g., allergies, skin conditions) or health (e.g., recent injuries, recent operations or illness) 
  • Lock away your phone and valuables 
  • When it comes to spa etiquette you should keep your phone on silent or turned off in a spa locker  
  • Recap with spa staff your treatment timeline, especially if you need to depart the spa at a specific time

Quick & Easy Guide To Spa Day Etiquette 

In order to make the most of your special day, here's a bunch of spa etiquette tips that cover good manners and common sense recommendations. Every reputable day spa and Turkish hammam spa has guidelines that are expected to be respected. Following spa etiquette ensures that everyone, from guests to spa staff, feel secure and at ease.

  • Please arrive to the spa on time
  • Don’t wear fragrance 
  • Shower before using shared facilities (e.g., plunge pool, jacuzzi)
  • Keep your voice down. Avoid talking in common or shared areas (e.g., hammam steam room)
  • Please don’t talk on the phone or take photos of shared spaces
  • Use your locker or bring a small tote bag. Don’t leave personal items scattered around the spa
  • Coming to a spa with flu or covid is not acceptable
  • Bring recommended or appropriate garments to wear in a steam room, Turkish or Moroccan hammam, or for massage treatments (e.g., bikini, swim trunks)
  • If you have a good experience feel free to show your appreciation and tip your spa attendant or massage therapist, or you could write a glowing Facebook or Google review 

‍How Do I Know What Type Of Spa Is For Me? 

Often the type of spa you choose will depend on your beauty goals and personal preferences. For example, some spas are more about beautification and grooming and others might be more focused on relaxation or detoxing. Do a bit of homework to find out what different spas offer. Start with their website or Facebook page, and also check out Goggle reviews. Additionally, your spa requirements may be related to personal preferences like: location, exclusivity, privacy, and/or the presence of trained professionals like a cosmetic surgeon or fitness expert.

If you need more help with finding the best day spa we have the perfect blog for you right here: What Types Of Spas Can I Choose From? Take a minute to read over it! 

Fundamental Spa Day & Hammam Benefits! 

Spa days and hammam spa services, like body scrubs and hammam massage, address a multitude of physical, mental, and emotional needs. Ultimately a spa day or hammam bath treatment will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Your skin will glow, your muscles will stop aching, and your mind will feel at ease. Regular spa days or hammam spa treatments should be a part of your self-care and personal wellness routine. 

Have a look at our Top 10 Reasons To Treat Yourself To A Hammam Spa Day!

Ultimate Spa Day in Birmingham! 

The new Este Spa & Hammam in Birmingham will offer the most spa services and the only hammam traditional luxury spa services in the West Midlands! You will be able to customise the ultimate spa day for yourself with our extensive list of massage treatments from the Far East, including Shiro Abhyanga, Lomi Lomi, Banya Venik, and Ayurvedic Turkish massage treatments, as well as Classic treatments like Aromatherapy and Hot Stone massage. You will also get to experience the beauty and wonder of both Moroccan and Turkish hammam in Birmingham. 

You can have a different spa day experience every time you visit the new Este Spa & Hammam! Start planning your next spa day with our spa menu.

More Este Spa & Hammam updates will be with you shortly.

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