How Long Does a Hammam Take?

How Long Does a Hammam Take?

A hammam spa experience is always time well spent!

Hammam spa treatments are ritualistic and typically follow a traditional set of steps from beginning to end. If you have never had a Moroccan or Turkish hammam before then continue reading to find out what to expect and how much time to allow yourself to completely unwind and relax.

We have gathered together practical tips and recommendations to help you make the most of your hammam spa day experience! We’ll go over how best to prepare for a hammam spa treatment, plus share highlights from our Este hammam spa UK beginner’s guide, as well as touch on useful hammam etiquette.  

It’s easy to become an expert on hammam. After your first hammam experience you will understand how everything works and what to expect, but until then take a moment to learn more here!

How Much Time Does Hammam Take?

A hammam traditional luxury spa experience can last a little longer than most spa treatments — much will depend on your treatment package (i.e., have you booked add-on treatments like a facial or deep tissue massage?), and perhaps your tolerance to heat and humidity. On average a hammam experience will take about one hour, sometimes an hour and a half. You should give yourself about two hours to fully enjoy everything a luxury hammam has to offer!

When you book your Moroccan hammam or your Turkish hammam spa day make sure to ask this question. Larger luxury spas with a big communal steam room and a spacious relaxation lounge will often be more accommodating if guests want to revisit the steam room or luxuriously linger in the camegah with a pot of herbal tea post-treatment.

Time To Turn Up The Heat

Heat tolerance also plays a role in how long one stays during hammam. If you love high heat and humidity then it is common for guests to warm up in a steam bath for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you are more inclined to avoid high heat, then it is reasonable to stay in a steam room for as long as comfortable, that could be 5 to 10 minutes. However, this part of the hammam experience is important not to skip, because the heat and steam of a hammam steam bath helps relax the skin by opening the pores and allowing the skin to sweat toxins and breathe. With hammam, heat and steam is essential to soften the skin and boost circulation. At Este Medical Group, we always encourage our guests to be comfortable and go at their own pace.

Tips for hammam heat: always consume water before and after a hammam steam bath to prevent dehydration, and eat a light meal or snack before your hammam treatment to avoid feeling bloated. Basically, you don’t want to feel hungry, but you also don’t want to be too full of food.  

Self-Care Time! How Best To Prepare For A Hammam Experience

Let’s go over several important hammam spa day considerations to be best prepared.  

  • When booking ask how long the hammam experience will take so you block off enough time to enjoy all the hammam spa facilities
  • Book additional treatments in advance so hammam staff can accommodate your needs (e.g., add-on massage or facial treatments)
  • During the booking phase mention any skincare issues or health concerns that hammam staff should be aware of
  • Review the hammam’s cancellation policy
  • If you are having a hammam spa day check with staff in advance about what is required to bring. Most hammam spas will require you wear a swimsuit and remain modestly covered in common areas like the steam room and relaxation lounge
  • Hydrate and consume a light meal or snack in advance of your treatment time
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time
  • Dress comfortably and limit your post-treatment activities

These hammam tips will get you on the right track to make the most of your Turkish bath experience — however, we recommend you take a look at our full Este Spa & Hammam checklist.

Your First Hammam Spa Day! What To Expect

The number one question first-timers have about a hammam spa Turkish bath experience is: Do I have to be completely naked?

Having exposed skin is key to the full hammam bath treatment, as you are being washed, scrubbed and massaged from head to toe. If clothing is getting in the way, you may miss out on the full therapeutic experience.

Full Disclosure: How To Take A Hammam

Contrary to what many people may think, both males and females are expected to keep modestly covered during hammam treatments. For a man that means wearing swimming trunks or an underwear brief, and for woman that means wearing a bikini or full bathing suit. Hammam treatments are all about water and humidity, so swimwear items are the most ideal garments to bring with you. Cotton underwear and lingerie are not suitable for hammam treatments.

Your modesty will be respected in a Turkish hammam spa. Additionally, in the hammam environment you will be expected to wrap yourself in a towel or peshtemal while in the steam room, and in most cases a robe will be provided for moving from steam room to treatment room. At a reputable spa facility your choices and preferences around nudity will be respected within the code of conduct of the hammam.

Still have questions about what to expect your first time? Have a look at our comprehensive Este Spa & Hammam beginner’s guide: The Naked Truth — What Really Happens in a Turkish Hammam Spa!  

Do and Don’t Guide: Essential Hammam Etiquette

Besides knowing how much time to set aside for the ultimate hammam spa day, and how to best prepare, it is also helpful to know some basic hammam spa etiquette. Every quality spa and hammam has a code of conduct that is expected to be respected. Following hammam bathing etiquette ensures that everyone, from guests to hammam spa attendants, feel secure and comfortable. These fundamental guidelines will make the most of your hammam time.

Here are several common sense tips to having hammam:

  • Do respect your self-care time, arrive on time to your hammam appointment
  • Do speak in a low voice while at the hammam and avoid talking in common areas like the steam room
  • Don’t talk on your phone or take photos in common areas of the hammam
  • Don’t go about nude. Full nudity is not customary during hammam (e.g., it is customary for women to wear a bottom and top, a bikini is ideal)
  • Do divulge any concerning skin or health issues that might impact your treatment
  • Don’t book a hammam treatment if you are experiencing flu or covid

Take a look at our Este Spa & Hammam blog: Make the Most of a Hammam Spa Day with Este’s Do and Don’t Guide if you want more information on our hammam in Birmingham Este spa etiquette.  

Make Time For Hammam Spa Services in Birmingham!

To recap, your hammam spa journey may last from one to two hours depending on the level of service and number of additional treatments you have added to your hammam spa day experience (i.e., a facial, specialised massage, aromatherapy). Add-on services during hammam are always an option at Este Spa & Hammam.

The new Este Spa & Hammam West Midlands location will be opening in 2023, situated in the prestigious neighbourhood of Edgbaston in Birmingham, England. Owned and operated by Este Medical Group, the new spa and hammam will be one of the largest in the country to offer Moroccan hammam, traditional Turkish hammam including hammam spa massage, hammam hot scrub, and hammam foam massage.

Este’s Spa & Hammam Birmingham location will have the most desirable menu of popular skincare treatments — from Turkish and Moroccan hammam UK experiences to Shiatsu, Thai Fusion and Swedish massage to anti-cellulite and deep tissue bodywork therapies.

Look at the variety of Este Spa & Hammam treatments at our spa menu. More news about our all-inclusive luxury hammam in Birmingham coming soon!

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