Can Children Go To Hammam Spa?

Can Children Go To Hammam Spa?

Undoubtedly there are many therapeutic facilities out there for families with young children to enjoy. But in general, Turkish and Moroccan hammams are for adults only.

Some hammams may permit youth, but there is usually an age limit (for an example, children under 12 are not permitted). For kids there are probably more desirable environments that are designed to entertain and engage them with activities that encourage running about and asking lots of questions (e.g., water park, amusement park, a zoo or farm…).

To sum up: Can children get hammam? Sure, but as a parent or guardian you have to ask yourself, is this something that most kids are really going to enjoy?

Make Time For Yourself With A Hammam Spa Day 

The hammam spa experience definitely caters to adult tastes; for instance, the Turkish hammam steam room is typically a non-speaking space to facilitate the most optimal environment for tranquil self-reflection and meditation. During a hammam hot scrub the body is scrubbed from head to toe — let’s face it, this is probably more suitable for adults who are able to manage being ticklish (and not kids). 

Ultimately for mom and dad, a hammam spa day is a wonderful opportunity to have a break from parenting and caregiving responsibilities. The hammam traditional luxury spa experience is all about taking time to rest, reflect, and be pampered from head to toe. A hammam spa turkish bath is also ideal for couples who want (or need) to spend some quality time together.  

Grown-Up Benefits Of Hammam Spa Bathing And Massage

When it comes to the benefits of a hammam spa day they are decidedly more adult in nature. Many Turkish hammam spa day benefits address personal health concerns like lowering blood pressure, improving respiratory functioning, increasing blood circulation, and pain relief. Putting regular hammam spa days into your self-care calendar will help to improve your overall wellbeing and keep your immune system boosted.   

Other grown-up benefits include: stress reduction, detoxification, improved mood, and better skin texture (i.e., remove old, dry skin; refine bumpy skin texture). Hammam bathing and massage also help to address chronic fatigue, and aches and pains by soothing the nervous system and unknotting tight muscles. Sleep can be improved, and tense muscles and headaches will be reduced or eliminated through the therapeutic rituals of a Moroccan or Turkish hammam experience.    

Adult Concerns Helped By Hammam Treatment 

Traditional Turkish hammam addresses many modern day issues related to physical health, good grooming, and mental wellbeing. Regular hammam treatments can be part of a proactive lifestyle that makes rest, stress reduction, and rejuvenation a high priority.  

Radiate good health with regular hammam spa services

Hammam rituals like skin scrubbing and cleansing make the skin softer and more supple. For instance, a Moroccan body mask draws impurities out of the skin and renews the surface layer of the epidermis. Traditional hammam scrubs and body masks are rejuvenating, they allow the skin to breath better and improve skin circulation — your skin will glow after a hammam treatment!  

Hammam bathing is excellent at improving skin issues like: acne, dry skin, a dull complexion, oily skin, and bumpy skin texture. 

Experience being in a better mood — feel refreshed and energised after a hammam treatment

It is well documented that the therapeutic touch involved in a hammam spa experience is ideal for relieving mental strain and anxiousness for example. Let’s admit it, being an adult has its stresses, from work pressures, caregiver fatigue to angst about political issues and societal demands. The quiet hammam steam room environment is excellent for meditation and mental relaxation. Having a hammam massage will help the body release feel-good chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins that make you feel happier! 

The full body massage and hammam hot scrub elements of hammam will help to reduce stress, anxiety, brain fog, as well as alleviate feelings of depression. And you’ll sleep better too!  

Treat your body right with a hammam spa day to boost your immunity, unknot your muscles, and increase healthy blood circulation

Hammam has so many health benefits it is hard to list them all! The steam room will help to relax your nervous system and lower your heart rate; a foaming body wash helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol; and a Turkish hammam body massage helps to loosen tense muscles and joints, which help to ease aches and pains, as well as improve flexibility. 

Take our Hammam Health Check and discover the many ways a Turkish hammam spa treatment can benefit you! 

Think Of A Hammam Spa Day Like Couples Therapy 

You might be surprised to learn that relaxing Moroccan and Turkish hammam rituals are perfect for couples to more deeply connect and bond. A hammam spa day for two can help to address common relationship issues such as:

  • Emotional distance
  • Sexual intimacy 
  • Communication 
  • Conflict and trauma   
  • Relationship fatigue

The hammam environment helps to calm the central nervous system, reduce blood pressure, increase blood circulation, and lower the bad stress hormone cortisol. All of which help to facilitate a more tranquil state of being that allows for more effective communication and greater intimacy. Sharing a Turkish hammam treatment with a partner promotes closeness and strengthens bonds. 

If you are looking to give your relationship a romantic boost, then a Moroccan or Turkish hammam spa day is one of the best ways! Hammam bathing together is the ultimate sensory journey; it ignites the senses in a pleasurable and stimulating way.

Are you in the mood for love? Then find out how you can turn up the heat with your bae by having a romantic hammam spa day together. 

About Este’s New Birmingham Hammam Spa 

Este Spa & Hammam caters to adults with a specially designed environment to facilitate a calm and quiet therapeutic space. This only-adults policy guarantees our guests will be able to unwind and relax without interruption or disruption. 

Our hammam West Midlands facility is ideal for individuals and couples who desire a luxury spa experience. Este Spa & Hammam offers the full hammam spa experience — take a look at our Moroccan and Turkish hammam spa treatments here. And consider making one of our Este Birmingham massage treatments part of your regular self-care activities.

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