Hammam Spa for Couples Counselling

Hammam Spa for Couples Counselling

Want to put fire back into your relationship? Reignite the flame with your bae by having a romantic hammam spa day together. 

Here’s how to give your relationship an infusion of intimacy and romance — book a hammam spa day! Relationships at any stage can benefit from relaxing, stress-free shared experiences to increase trust and improve communication, as well as create the right mood for emotional and sexual intimacy. 

A private spa day for couples ensures that quality time is spent alone together; an exclusive ‘couple spa day’ allows for the chance to get away from family or caregiver duties, work stress, and outside distractions that might be having a negative or draining affect on a relationship. Whether newly in love or in a long marriage, couples can benefit from spending quality time alone together.

A Moroccan or Turkish hammam for couples can be just as therapeutic as couples counselling. Let’s go over how a hammam for couples might be able to help put the fire back in your relationship! 

How A Hammam Spa Day Can Help Improve A Relationship   

You might be surprised to learn that Turkish hammam bathing rituals are perfect for couples to more deeply connect and bond. A Moroccan or Turkish hammam spa day for two can help to address common relationship issues like:

  • Relationship fatigue
  • Trust issues
  • Emotional distance
  • Sexual intimacy 
  • Poor communication 
  • Conflict and trauma

Think of a hammam spa day like couples therapy; a hammam spa provides a stress-free, relaxing environment where two people can bond more closely together. In a way it’s like an intensive day of therapy that can help you and your partner improve your relationship — plus you can add-on a stress reducing body massage! A hammam spa experience as ‘counselling’ comes with a lot of beautiful and luxurious perks! 

Therapeutic Benefits Of A Couples Turkish Hammam Spa Day

Bonding and emotional intimacy is facilitated by traditional hammam bathing rituals (e.g., stream room, hammam hot scrub, hammam spa massage) which help to calm the nervous system, reduce blood pressure, and lower the bad stress hormone cortisol. All of which help to facilitate a more tranquil state of being that allows for more effective communication and greater intimacy. Sharing a hammam treatment with a partner promotes closeness and strengthens bonds.

Hammam Can Help Improve Communication 

For instance, having a quiet space to mediate, like a hammam steam room, can help couples use non-verbal cues to communicate needs and emotions. This can help couples who are suffering from poor communication or emotional distance.

Relaxing in a tranquil space together can reduce the urge for conflict, as the meditative vibe of a hammam steam room helps to release serotonin and increase the production of dopamine (both mood enhancing happy hormones). Relaxing side-by-side during this meditative hammam experience can decrease stress and trigger the release of natural feel-good chemicals in your body.

Get That Sexy Spark Back! 

After a Turkish hammam steam room experience, your body is ready for some TLC! A hammam hot scrub and a hammam foam massage are just the thing to trigger the release of more mood enhancing happy hormones (i.e., oxytocin and endorphins) in your brain and body, plus full body massage is therapeutic too.

If you are trying to bring out the warmer, more nurturing emotions in your relationship, then physical touch is essential to get your feel-good oxytocin flowing. When the body releases oxytocin you experience feelings of love and attachment. Hammam skin exfoliation and the traditional Turkish foam bubble bath also help the body to release endorphins, which gives you that feeling of euphoria, or that feeling of being in love.

So, if you are looking to reboot a love relationship in a slump, a hammam massage is one of the best ways to get you in the mood for love. Hammam bathing rituals and hammam massage are a wonderful way to boost physical intimacy and rejuvenate a lovelorn couple.

Love Hack! Find out how you can hack dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins at home by doing very simple activities that will benefit your relationship, your personal health, and emotional wellbeing here.

The Loving Touch Of Hammam

Moroccan and Turkish hammam have many rituals that use therapeutic human touch to heal and rejuvenate the mind and body. As we touched on, gentle physical contact releases your body’s mood enhancing happy hormones, which most definitely has a good effect on a couple trying to reconnect.

If a couple are arguing or fighting all the time, health can be negatively affected (e.g., lack of sleep, high blood pressure, illness, irritability…). One way to bring back peace and tranquillity to a relationship is to find healthy proactive ways to calm the nervous system and decrease stress levels. 

It has been proven that gentle therapeutic touch can help:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease the bad stress hormone cortisol
  • Release feel-good endorphins and oxytocin
  • Reduce episodes of depression and irritability
  • Lessen stress and tension

Sharing Is Caring! 

Sometimes flowers and chocolates aren’t enough to fix a relationship. To really connect, boost trust, and improve communication you need to heal the mind and body together. By addressing physical issues like pain, or cognitive issues like anxiety, you are more likely to break through barriers responsible for emotional fatigue or low sex drive for example. Besides the benefits of therapeutic touch, happy, memorable shared experiences are one of the most important things that help couples stay together. What could be happier than a hammam couples spa day! 

If you can’t get to a hammam spa at the moment, just remember that simple activities like hand-holding, hair-caressing, and a shoulder rub are all helpful in healing the body and restoring balance between our physical and emotional states — human touch is essential to overall health and wellbeing. You might like to try having a sexy hammam spa day at home with your loved one. Let us help you make that happen here!

Hammam West Midlands For Couples Spa Days Coming Soon!

If you are looking to give your relationship a romantic boost, then a Moroccan or Turkish hammam spa day is one of the best ways! Hammam bathing is the ultimate sensory journey to ignite the senses in a pleasurable and stimulating way. Let Este Spa & Hammam help you plan the ultimate couples Turkish hammam sensory experience, as well we can arrange honeymoon or wedding anniversary private spa day celebrations.

Our new Este Spa & Hammam is ideal for individuals and couples who desire a luxury spa experience. 

More details about the Este Medical Group hammam in Birmingham will be shared shortly. In the meantime, have a look at the many therapeutic and relaxing massage treatments we will have available for you to try with either a Moroccan hammam UK treatment or a Turkish hammam Birmingham spa day.

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